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 The Guild-Concept

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PostSubject: The Guild-Concept   The Guild-Concept EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 11:32 pm

Hello everyone,

the Concept is basicly pretty much a matter of course. We have a few things were we wanna focus on stricktly, the mainthing is our Recruitment. Our applications will go by mail, this means nobody except the Officers and the Leader are gonna read these. We examine every application perfectly, the reason for this is that we wanna keep the guild as small as possible to get a very good band with eachother and also to let it look more professional. So basicly we just want a small group of elite friends.

Another subject we wanna keep straight at is the Calendar. It might sound weird but the calendar is a problem alot of times. Guild members should have a quick view on it every day because we want people to decline or accept.If someone is leaving one raid-invite open ''invited'' he will get a warning for that. Also if somebody is accepting the application and not showing up he needs to have a good reason for it or else he will get a warning aswell. Once anybody is reaching three warnings because of these stupidity's they will get removed out of the guild. Ofcourse if you are always performing 100% and youre gear is in 100% raid condition we aint taking this so strict but its just to leave the slackers outside.

The Raiding days/Times.

- Monday/19:30 - Online 19:15
- Tuesday/19:30 - Online 19:15
- Wednesday/19:30 - Online 19:15
- Thursday/19:30 - Online 19:15
- Sunday/19:30 - Online 19:15

Progress so far:

- Ulduar 10 - 13/14 Attempting Algalon at the moment.
- Ulduar 10 (hardmodes) - 8/9 (Flame Levi/XT/Iron Council/Hodir/Thorim/Freya/Mimiron/Vezax)
- Ulduar 25 - Lacking members so far
- Totc 25 - On Farm
- Totc 10 - On Farm
- Totc 10(hc) - On Farm

This topic might get updated once in a while since as we are progressing we also get new idea's and suggestions.

This was pretty much it for now i wanna thank you for reading it.
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The Guild-Concept
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