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 Com rogue apply (Declined)

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Com rogue apply (Declined) Empty
PostSubject: Com rogue apply (Declined)   Com rogue apply (Declined) EmptySun Nov 08, 2009 8:51 pm

Personal information

- Name: Highstep
- Age:19
- Nationality: Danish
- Job/school: Cbs in copenhagen (copenhagen buissness school)
- Hobby's: Study and WoW.

Character info

- Name: Highstep
- Class: Rogue
- Spec: Combat Lethaily 15 51 5
- Race: Undead
- Played time: 36 days 14 to level 80 and 22 in lvl 80.
- Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Al%27Akir&n=Highstep
- UI picture:*(Upload it on imageshack.us)* https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/i/wowscrnshot110809200104.jpg/

- How did you come to the theories of your character (Give us some sources)?: experimenting
- Reputation SoH: revered getting exalted this month.
- Proffesions: Herb and enchanting. i'm working on the enchanting. The herbalism is 450 and i earn alot of gold on my secret rogue.
- Previous guild(s):
Endured: Leaving because lag of progression.
Gnometossers: Left because its was unserious. i was mizzinformed when i applyed.
Bifrost: i was Fcing to Ravencrest ally but then i decided not to and i thought it was lame if i asked them to inv me back.
Eternal glory: i was kicked for playing a joke on a officer.
caelom: i was in the guild in 3 mounts on the server thunderhorn. Extremely good guild but me and my friend changed server cause we heard this was a good pvp server.

Ofcourse i stopped pvping when i arrived -,-.

- Why would you leave them for VoiD?: Well you got good progression and the Void member i've talked to seemed nice.
- Explain your gear/gems/enchants/spec/glyphs and professions in depth, why you have chosen them:
Well right now i'm missing a chest enchant and i miss my shoulder upgrade.
i'm aiming armpen rogue in the future when i'm lucky enough to get some trophys.
all my enchants are maxxed out expect chest and shoulders.
I'm using the gear i am because i've been testing my char in raids over some weeks and i figured that Good dps is a combo from alot of things: timing with Cds, Rotation gotta be perfect. I've found this setup best in raids and i make around 6,5 k in toc 25 average. top 3 in the guild i'm in atm.

- Do you master your class in every mechanic? If yes, explain please.
Yeah i've been experimenting as i mentioned above. i've got my rotation writting in my brain.
i've been experimenting with specs also and the one i have right now is the best.
Skada damage
Rogue power bars
casting bars
coldown timers

- Do you have Omen (threat meter)? (Yes/No):yes its a must when playing rogue
- Do you have Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs? (Yes/No):yes
- Do you have Ora2 or some equivalent Main Tank list addon? (Yes/No): yup
- Do you have a raid frame addon? (Yes/No):yes
- What other addons do you use during raids than the ones mentioned above?: All except atlas and skada.


- Which days can you and can not raid(incl times):?
- Monday: 19:30 - 1130
- Tuesday:1700 - 1130
- Wednesday: 1700 - 1130
- Thursday: 1700 - 1130
- Sunday: 1500 - 1130

- Do you have access to Ventrilo 3.0 and a working headset?:
Yeah i've got the newest vent and a killer mic.
- Do you have enough money for repairs/flasks/food buffs etc?: Yep my herb route offers me alot of gold in my hand.

- Are you able to raid 25 man content without disconnections?: Yeah i'm using a 20 mb/s connection.


- What makes you more special than other applicants?: i feel special because i'm good in raids and under pressure i can take crititism and learn from it.

- Where does Kimano got the most hair?: his ass
- If there is anything else you would like to add?: Yup i'm not trying to be rude with what i've answered right above.
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Com rogue apply (Declined) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Com rogue apply (Declined)   Com rogue apply (Declined) EmptySun Nov 08, 2009 9:51 pm

It dosent say when i'm playing
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Com rogue apply (Declined) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Com rogue apply (Declined)   Com rogue apply (Declined) EmptyMon Nov 09, 2009 11:47 am

Application declined, we are not in need of any rogues atm.
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Com rogue apply (Declined) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Com rogue apply (Declined)   Com rogue apply (Declined) Empty

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Com rogue apply (Declined)
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